At a Cincinnati, Ohio, rally last night, President Donald Trump regaled the audience with tales of big bad Democrats and his new BFF, Mexico. And the size of his crowd.

He also made a hand motion that called to mind a middle school cafeteria.

When a protester interrupted the speech to speak out against Trumps widely-loathed immigration policies, he pointed at them, then made a motion below his waist that to some looked like the infamous jack off gesture. Others argued that he was doing some kind of GTFO thumb move.

The clip from MSNBCs coverageof the rally quickly went viral.

People on Twitter were disgusted. Some, particularly journalists, engaged in descriptive gymnastics to describe what they saw without actually saying what they saw.

Trump made what looks to be an obscene gesture toward a protester as he was getting kicked out his rally tonight, Voxs Aaron Rupar mused.

This vulgar man, MSNBCs Joy Reid opined.

Others were blunter.

Cant tell if he is telling someone to stab someone, jack him off, or show him the door. Pick one, one woman wrote.

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