Dog The Bounty Hunter is distraught.

The reality TV star

Very late last night, Dog took to Twitter to address the robbery, giving an ominous warning to those who may be involved while offering a cash reward for retribution (below):

So far, nobody appears to have come forward with any information on the case. Police in Edgewater, Colorado are currently investigating the evidence left behind and searching for suspects, but it’s unclear if they have any potential leads yet. Naturally, we’ll keep you posted as anything newsworthy continues to unfold.

Tough enough to deal with on its own, the robbery is just another unfortunate event in what’s proving to be an exceptionally difficult summer for Dog and his family. Beth’s death has left him reeling — even despite seeing tremendous emotional support from fans and a grieving public, both in Hawaii and Colorado, where the Chapman family kept their homes.

We can only hope and pray police figure out who did this — and more importantly, that Dog may find peace and be allowed to properly, fully grieve the loss of the love of his life.

[Image via WENN]

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