This Eagles team needs to get better fast.

Despite Carson Wentzs talent, this Philadelphia Eagles offense has been anemic. Luckily, the Eagles face an equally weak offensive attack in the Buffalo Bills this week. This could be the game where the Eagles get right.

Wentz deserves a bit of a break because he doesnt have much help. Without DeSean Jackson, this receiving corps is laughably bad. While the running game has been solid, it hasnt been enough to win when the receivers arent clicking with Wentz.

Phillys pass defense is also awful, which is particularly troubling considering their receivers are so ineffective. Two weeks ago, the team gave up 333 yards and four touchdowns to Kirk Cousins. They let Aaron Rodgers throw for over 400 yards a couple weeks before that.

Going up against a 5-1 team would normally feel daunting for a sub-500 squad, but there is hope for the Birds here. Buffalos Josh Allen led offense is not very good, and as Football Outsiders Aaron Schatz pointed out on Twitter, the stellar defensive play may partially be a product of inferior opponents.

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