Kaitlin Bennett, the Trump-loving, gun-toutingsocial media personality, claims that someone stole $1,500 from her Newport hotel room.

Bennett, who gained online prominence for legally open-carrying an AR-10 rifle at Kent State University, announced the theft via Facebook. On her Facebook page, dubbed Kaits Unsafe Space, Bennett wrote that the $1,500 was cash intended for her wedding.

I was staying at Comfort Suites in Newport for the Trump rally in Cincinnati, and someone stole $1,500 of my wedding money while we were out of the room, Bennett wrote. I know an employee went into the room while we were out because I told her someone left clothes in the closet.

When she returned to her room, Bennett says all of her cash was gone.

I called the cops and they laughed about it and said they probably couldnt do anything since it was cash. Bennett noted in her Facebook post that the hotel employee was supposedly rude to me when I checked in.

Bennett concluded her post by saying, Now Im $1,500 short for my wedding, and the person who did it wont be held accountable. Im sick to my stomach.

Shortly after she posted the story to Facebook, it picked up steam on various social media platforms. While some sympathized with Bennetts story, others made jokes at her expense.

While some flocked to Bennetts defense, others used past statements from Bennett or President Donald Trumpwho Bennett ardently supportsto mock her alleged situation. In particular, many people seized upon Bennetts adamant support of gun rights as ammunition in their teasing. Yall just got robbed of 1200 bucks and you walk around strapped. Tell me again how your gun keeps you safe, Twitter user @JasonCroswell wrote.

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