Hulu is already working on its follow-up to .

According to Time, Hulu and MGM are adapting Margaret Atwoods upcoming novel , though its not clear if it will be part of the Handmaids Tale series or a separate series. Showrunner Bruce Miller will be involved in some capacity.

The Testaments is told partially from the point of view of Aunt Lydia, played by Ann Dowd in the series, and will be set 15 years after Offreds final appearance in the 1985 novel. In , Aunt Lydia was given a backstory, but many viewers had already checked out by season 2, as the fiction of the show cut little too close to . The tone-deaf co-opting of the aesthetic by celebritiesand brands didnt help.

The book is set to be released Sept. 10, though according to several angry tweets, the books embargo date was broken by Amazon on Wednesday. A very small number of copies were sent out, according to Penguin Random House, though smaller retailers reportedly had to follow much stricter guidelines.

The Handmaids Tale has been renewed for a fourth season. The Testaments adaptation does not have a release date yet.

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