(CNN)Rep. Ilhan Omar has a request for the judge deciding the punishment of a man who threatened to kill her: “Show compassion in your sentencing.”

“We must teach the defendant love,” Omar wrote in a letter to New York federal Judge Frank Geraci that she tweeted on Tuesday. “For this reason, I do not believe the defendant would be served by a severe prison sentence or substantial financial fine and ask you to show compassion in your sentencing.”

During a call to Omar’s office in March, an individual who identified himself as Pat Carlineo said to a staff member: “Do you work for the Muslim Brotherhood? Why are you working for her, she’s a (expletive) terrorist. I’ll put a bullet in her (expletive) skull,” according to the affidavit. Omar’s office referred the threat to the US Capitol Police, which began an investigation with the FBI.

    Carlineo pleaded guilty on Monday to threatening to assault and murder a United States official and being a felon in possession of firearms, the US Attorney’s Office in the Western District of New York announced. He could face up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for the charges, according to the office.

    Omar acknowledged in her letter that “there is no doubt that Mr. Carlineo’s crime is grave,” citing the danger of threats to public officials and religious officials and the growing trend of hate crimes against religious minorities nationwide.

    “But we must ask: who are we as a nation if we respond to threats of political retribution with retribution ourselves,” she wrote. “The answer to hate is not more hate, it is compassion.”

    Omar reasoned that punishing Carlineo with a harsh prison term or fine “would not rehabilitate him,” but would only serve to “increase his anger and resentment.”

    “He should understand the consequences of his actions, be given the opportunity to make amends and seek redemption,” she added.

    The congresswoman is no stranger to violent threats. In April, Omar said she experienced an increase in death threats after President Donald Trump tweeted about a speech she had given the month before.

    The congresswoman also called in her letter for crime prevention efforts to target the roots of violent crime.

      “People who threaten or commit violence are often themselves the victims of systemic alienation and neglect,” she said. “They seek violence because they are taught violence. We must address this systemic alienation through community reintegration and social services.”

      Hate speech and violent political threats, Omar said, can only be defeated “with compassion.”

      Source: http://edition.cnn.com/


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