Football-sized object landed in paddy in Bihar state after fireball came down from sky

A suspected meteorite crashed into the middle of a rice field in eastern India, authorities say.

The object the size of a football landed with a thud in a paddy field in Madhubani district in Bihar state on Monday, startling farmers and sending up clouds of smoke.

Kapil Ashok, the magistrate for Madhubani, told the Times of India that labourers reported seeing a fireball-like object coming down from the sky. Residents of Mahadeva village later dug up the object from a 150cm-deep (5ft) deep hole.

The object was described as light brown in colour with some shine, and weighing about 15kg (33lb). It was reported to have strong magnetic properties.

Ashok told the Press Trust of India it looked like a rock but its glitter is much more than that of an unpolished stone.



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