Joseph Gordon-Levitt walked right into this one.

The actor and content creator, whose project has long been criticized for sourcing unpaid labor, tweeted a request to caption an image of a beleaguered worker on Monday. Twitter couldnt resist the setup.

Gordon-Levittscollaborative production company has long drawn criticism for sourcing unpaid labor from artists. This post, in which he literally asks for free labor to caption an image of someone who is overworked, was too much for the internet to bear.

Some tweeters had receipts.

Joseph Gordon Levitt is that guy who sends you a DM asking you to draw his fursona, then acts surprised when you give your rates, @LetItMelo wrote.

Others had pointed responses to the actors query. Art is labor, stealing art should be physically punishable, @gilgrim suggested as a thought bubble for the young worker.

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