Auto shop owner replaces it with tape reading PC-POLICE, adding: It was a Halloween decoration that I guess went too far

An auto shop in Michigan has replaced a Halloween display depicting a scowling Donald Trump holding the severed head of Barack Obama by a black rope.

The Detroit Free Press reported that Quality Coatings owner Dave Huff removed the rope and Obama mask on Friday, outside his business in Fowlerville, about 66 miles north-west of Detroit, following criticism on social media.

He added yellow tape reading: PC-POLICE.

Huff told the paper he was not racist and no race ever went into this thing.

It was a Halloween decoration that I guess went too far, he said.

The newspaper reported that the original display was put up three weeks ago. A machete smeared with what appeared to be red paint was impaled into the Trump figures midsection.

The Trump figures foot also was on a head representing the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Controversies over violent depictions of political figures have drawn national attention since Trump began his run for the White House.

In May 2017, the comedian Kathy Griffin posed for a picture with a model of Trumps severed head. Backlash was severe, with Griffin losing a regular gig hosting CNNs New Year celebrations, among other reverses.

In June the same year, New Yorks Shakespeare in the Park staged a production of Julius Caesar featuring the assassination of a distinctly Trump-like emperor.

This month, a violent meme showing Trump shooting and killing his opponents and the US media was shown at the presidents Doral golf club in Florida, stoking national outcry.

The president himself has shared memes showing, for example, himself body-slamming a man with the CNN logo for a head and driving a golf ball which strikes and knocks over Hillary Clinton.

As of Sunday afternoon, the newspaper reported, the auto shop had received more than 40 negative Facebook reviews which mentioned the decorations.

Id rather spend my money with businesses that spread tolerance and respect, even towards those who you dont align with, one user wrote.



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