Paul Joseph Watson has a few problems. And now it appears that a video of a bartender using her butt to hold a glass while dispensing beer is one.

This is why the terrorists hate us, Watson tweeted, along with the video. In the video, a scantily clad bartender wedges a glass between her buttcheeks and proceeds to fill it with beer.

The bartender then asks the guy recording the video, Wanna see talent? before demonstrating that her derriere can perform a job meant to be done with hands. She even wiggles a bit to pour out the foam from the top of the beer before filling the glass to the brim.

Yeah, its perfect! the patron exclaims, along with a round of applause. He then happily snatches the glass from her bum.

Watson, however, was not amused.

The fact that people in this thread more vehemently defend the freedom of a barmaid to serve a beer with her ass than they will ever defend freedom of speech tells you everything you need to know about the current state of western society, he wrote after Twitter users pointed out the woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her own body.

But, by then, Twitter users were already mocking Watson for his initial tweet expressing so much concern over a butt trick.

Dear terrorists, Sorry about the Ass Beer. Please no more terror. We feel just awful about the Ass Beer, actor and writer Cody Johnston joked in response to Pauls initial comments.

Others seemed to imply that Watson is an incel.

Someone please take one for the team and give this man a handjob or something so he can pull the stick outta his ass please. Im not convinced that all this stuff isnt just years of pent up sexual frustration combined with a lack of success with women, Twitter user @FayFahrenheit proposed.

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