Fires have been ravaging the Amazon rainforest for three weeks and at a record rate, according to the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), which has been tracking Brazils fires since 2013. Many on social media are wondering why they are just now learning about it.

The Amazon produces 20% of the Earths oxygen and has been instrumental in slowing down global warming, according to CNN. Therefore, scientists are reportedly worried that the fires could accelerate global warming, hindering the fight against climate change.

The amazon has been burning for 3 weeks. we are only now just finding out about it. billionaires arent doing anything. no one is doing anything. FUCK THIS WORLD FUCK THE POLITICIANS FUCK THE BILLIONAIRES, WE NEED TO SAVE OUR PLANET BEFORE WE RUN OUT OF TIME #AmazonRainforest, Twitter [email protected] wrote.

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