Anonymous account@emoblackthot had become a staple of the Black Twitter community. Many believed the account was being run by a Black woman, some even thinking it was secretly being run by Rihanna.But the person behind the account has come forward with an even more shocking revelation than having a celebrity identity: The account is being run by a man.

In a lengthy Paper profile,23-year-old Isaiah Hickland came forward to reveal that he was the person behind emoblackthot.

Hicklands also had to deal with his fair share of negativity, Paper writes.From all the stories and anecdotes he tells, its evident that things havent been easy for him, especially as someone seemingly so sensitive, so emotional, so self-aware. Because while he may be Twitters go-to for everything from hydration reminders to the newest in rising creative talent, the one thing hes never been able to feel internally reconciled with is the feeling that his brand of authenticity is consistently undermined by the secrets he has.

The profile was published with a link to a YouTube video, titled The Reveal / My Story, which was posted byHickland himself.In the 20-minute long video, Hickland explains how emoblackthot materialized and admitted that he was the face behind this entity.

It was kinda time to be honest, take off the mask, he says. Take account for hiding behind an anonymous facade and move forward with my life.

People, especially among Black Twitter, are now speaking out againstPaper andHickland. I dont understand how someone creates an entire online persona, lies about it, says they lied, then gets a glowing profile story. We are in the end of times, activistDeRay Mckesson tweeted.

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