TikTok is reportedly testing out a new feature that will add timestamps to certain videos.

According to Motherboard, the feature is being tested out in the Following tab for now, adding a timestamp next to users handles. The For You tab, however, is still context-free.

As noted in Wired last week, TikToks lack of timestamp allows videos to be, well, timeless, and therefore they can go viral weeks or months later. But that also makes content easier to steal and reappropriate, and subtly signals to users that its not a platform for world events.

As Motherboard notes, its not clear if Wireds story influenced TikToks decision to experiment with this feature, or if user feedback was part of it. There is a way to add a date and time to a video via TikToks effects, but smaller users have been asking for a proper timestamp feature for months.

Weve reached out to TikTok for comment.



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