President Donald Trump attacked Google in an early morning tweetstorm Tuesday, alluding to claims of the companys liberal political bias after becoming incensed by a Fox News interview with a fired employee once dubbed Googles face of the alt-right by a colleague.

In the thread, Trump claimed that Google chief executive Sundar Pichai had visited the White House to tell the president what a great job he was doing and to assure him that Google was not anti-conservative.

Trump then pivoted.

It all sounded good until I watched Kevin Cernekee, a Google engineer, say terrible things about what they did in 2016.

Indeed, hours earlier, on Monday evening, Trump tweeted out a clip from Lou Dobbs Tonight featuring Cernekee.

Cernekee claims that he was fired in 2018 because of his conservative political views expressed on the companys internal message boards.

A Wall Street Journal article, however, reports that he was let go for improperly downloading company information and misuse of the remote-access software system.

Still, since his firing, Cernekee has been hosted on multiple right-wing media shows to tell his story, which is complementary to a long-running conservative theory that big tech companies are biased against them. Cernekee has repeated claims that Google executives want Trump to lose in 2020.

But at Google, even conservative coworkers found his views out there, and he was dubbed face of the alt-right in an internal memo.

In a statement to TechCrunch on Tuesday, Google dismissed Cernekee as a disgruntled former employee and that his allegations are absolutely false.

On Monday, the same day Cernekee appeared on Dobbs show and before Trumps tweet, right-wing media outlet theDaily Caller acquired and published excerpts from the former engineers listserv posts, written while he was employed at Google.

Cernekee is reported to have suggested a fundraiser for white supremacist Richard Spencer, after he was punched during an interview, and discussed how far-right skinhead groups might rebrand to avoid the baggage associated with their current image.

In his defense, Cernekee said he has always supported free speech and opposed white nationalism.

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