Donald Trump joined Twitch, Amazons live streaming service, in an apparent move to connect with voters during his campaign.

Trump first used Twitch on Thursday to live stream his rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Trumps account is verified and already has 46,560 followers.

Trump is not the only presidential candidate to use Twitch to reach voters. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) joined Twitch in June, and has 88,882 followers. Sanders regularly streams rallies and town halls and posts shorter clips from speeches.

Twitch is a streaming platform owned by Amazon, primarily used by video game players. The platform is also used to live stream other events like music, sports, and talk shows.

Amazon purchased the company in 2014. Twitch now has 15 million daily users and 1.3 million viewers at any given moment.

Trump has heavily criticized Amazons founder Jeff Bezos, especially since Bezos owns theWashington Post, which has produced numerous stories and scoops about Trump. Trump often refers tothe Postas The Amazon Washington Post and has accused Bezos of buyingthe paper for tax purposes.

Trumps criticisms do not stop with thePost.This August, the White House ordered the Department of Defense to reexamine a $10 billion cloud computing contract because of concerns that the deal would go to Amazon,according to thePost. Trump has even claimed that Amazon is abusing the United States Postal Service by using a low-rates system, and said that Amazon should have to pay these costs.

Trumps past criticism of Bezos makes joining Twitch a perplexing move. But, then again, Trump hates every social media service hes on.



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